We help aspiring businesses & non-profits systematise how they create value.


Using our love of technology, systems thinking, and team development, (and 24 years of business experience) we help aspiring businesses and NPOs systematise how they create value.

When solutions are systematised and carried by a team that’s using technology well, it means organisations can play their part to create healthy societies!

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Sam helped us to develop a clear plan of attack to grow our business!
We used to hate technology cause it threatened our business, but with Luceo’s help, we now embrace it and get the benefit from it!
Less than 1% of businesses raise start-up capital  – Clive Butkow CEO of Kalon Venture Partners
Working with investors can be very tricky but Luceo helped us secure more than just financial investors, they helped us secure long term partners for growth
The VCs told me that having good technology is not good enough to secure funding, Luceo helped me turn my good idea into a good business

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