We help organisations systematise how they create value.

For NPOs, this typically takes place through curriculum from our NPO Accelerator Programme.
For businesses, we usually start by establishing and maintaining healthy workplace ecosystems.

NPO Accelerator

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Clarifying Purpose

Surprisingly, many purpose-driven organizations struggle to articulate their raison d’etre. In these practical, hands-on modules, non-profits formulate a crystal clear vision, which helps them to secure staff, attract volunteers and inspire supporters.

Theory of Change

These modules help non-profits to evaluate what they do, who they do it with and whether their actions are creating long-term change. The output produced includes a Theory of Change, a partnership development plan and a programme development plan.

Performance Management

Evaluating everything pertaining to performance management, including recruitment, HR processes, establishing a healthy organisational culture and the role of leadership & personality types. This module helps non-profit teams grow stronger!


Output for this module includes a fundraising strategy, an annual communications plan, a campaign design template & a website review.  

Workplace ecosystems

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Systematising Recruitment

Helping clients secure top talent in a VUCA world, our recruitment systems & services help organisations with everything from defining the ideal team member, to effective advertising that grabs the attention of the right individuals, to running wise recruitment processes that allow the company to identify the right individual and secure their services. Systematising recruitment is where healthy workplace ecosystems start!

Staff Retention

On par with the importance of systematising recruitment, staff retention is essential to the health of every business. We analyse workplace dynamics to help clients structure teams & craft roles to best utilize strengths & personalities of individual team members. We also help organisations to manage expectations & improve communication so they can create the kind of workplaces where talented staff want to work thus improving staff retention & reducing staff turnover.

Utilising Technology

We believe that technology is only going to get more important, yet we also believe that technology should serve our business, not the other way around. Grappling with remote working or simply understanding which part of the business process can be automated, we help you navigate the adoption of modern technology to optimize your business.

Workflow Management

Many workplace frustrations & inefficiencies stem from poor workflow management. We help clients to map their business processes so that all team members understand their contribution to the company’s mission. These also help to onboard and orientate staff faster, thus improving productivity from the start. We also share wise business rhythms that allow for effective team meetings & impact evaluations. 

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