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1. Brand Strategy & Positioning

Knowing who you are and how others perceive you is at the heart of good business. A thorough evaluation of your vision vs your positioning in the marketplace (Website, messaging, graphics) kicks off the adventure with Luceo!

2. Business Development & Financial Control

We work with you to strengthen your entire business development practice from identifying & segmenting clients to creating value propositions that secures sales, to developing products & business in multiple geographic regions, all the way through to managing cash flow and tracking financial health. This module is there to improve the financial health of your business.

3. Business process & Technology Integration Plans

We believe that technology is only going to get more important yet we also believe that technology should serve our business, not the other way around. With our Business process maps, we help you decipher how modern technology can be adopted and adapted to optimize your business. The maps are detailed enough that developers can build from them and simple enough that everyone in your team understands how they’ll use the technology to do their job.

4. HR & Recruitment Management

You either believe that an organization’s people are their most valuable asset or you don’t. Let us help you build a winning team that will make your business thrive!

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve come full circle when we realize that sustainable business is about more than ourselves. Building a brand that creates shared value for us, our clients and the communities we operate in is the ultimate form of sustainability. In this module, we’ll help you to create sustainable “shared value” business practices.

6. Investment Advisory

Having strengthened your business to the point where investors will take you seriously, we’ll help you navigate the world of business investments for growth, be that bootstrapping, crowdsourcing, & multiple investment cycles or your more traditional finance from banks & financial institutions.


Luceo’s NPO Accelerator programme was born out of 15 years of leading a non-profit as well as 11 years of helping non-profits design and implement over 150 information systems. The Accelerator comprise over 20 modules grouped under the following themes.

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1. Core Identity

Surprisingly, many purpose-driven organizations struggle to articulate their raison d’etre. In these practical, hands-on modules, non-profits formulate a crystal clear vision, which helps them to secure staff, attract volunteers and inspire supporters.

2. Service Delivery

These modules helps non-profits to evaluate what they do, who they do it with and whether their actions are creating long-term change. The output produced includes a Theory of change, a partnership development plan and a programme development plan. For gold tier clients, this naturally leads to the design of an information system to help track progress & using their gold tier funding to purchase that system from specialist developers.

3. Governance and Financial Management

Exploring an organisation’s governance, financial control & organizational compliance, we help clients develop strategies to strengthen their boards and modernize and restructure accounting practices to optimize planning, reporting and control. Gold tier clients will also be able to utilize their funding to purchase a new accounting system that is capable of integrating with other systems eg the CRM system, payment gateways & Management Information systems.

4. HR

Evaluating everything pertaining to HR from recruitment, to performance management to ways to establish healthy organisational culture and the role of Leadership & personality types, these modules help non-profit teams grow stronger!

5. Marketing and Fundraising

These modules can only be undertaken when the other modules have been completed. Output includes a fundraising strategy, an annual communications plan, a campaign design template & website review.  Gold tier clients will utilize their gold tier funding to revamp the website complete with new graphics and corporate identity guidelines.

6. Organizational Development Plan

In these final modules we consider how to regulate the pace of organizational development so that organizations are able to grow sustainably while ensuring that systems mature & adapt with them.

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