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We live to see a world where everyone has meaningful and enjoyable work. Where no-one is left behind for lack of employment, where all businesses deeply invest in their people and are seeing the benefits in their communities & the families that make up those communities.

We love helping businesses adapt to the ever changing world we live in, ultimately to thrive because we believe it’s the best way to create sustainable inclusion in the world.

We’re hiring

If you share a vision of an inclusive world via professional services to help businesses grow,
please feel free to submit a CV and a cover letter below.

We have current vacancies for

  • Industrial engineers
  • Graphic designers
  • UX specialists

Meet Sam Vos

Sam Vos is a qualified industrial engineer that’s got more than 24 years of experience building thriving teams and businesses.

Experience includes:

  • 7 years of project management experience in London’s financial district
  • 15 years running a successful non-profit
  • 10 years heading up a software consultancy

With or without a budget, he is superbly qualified to assist businesses to review their processes, and formulate the best plans to grow and then execute those plans!

Luceo is part of a larger group of professional companies:

Luceo is part of the sustainable business coalition, a collection of specialist business advisors who share a vision of a better world via sustainable business. This coalition enables us to offer world-class service to customers across the globe!

Dr Eric Wood of Affirma (England)

A turnaround specialist that focuses on helping teams get unstuck.

Isobel Kelly of Profits with Purpose (England)

A CSI specialist that assist corporates to formulate and execute a CSR strategy that is fully integrated with their business purpose.

Allan Gibbon of Larasoft (Cape Town)

Larasoft is a specialist software company that specialises in integrating systems using API calls & coding.

Todd Anderson of Todd Anderson design
(Cape Town)

A product design specialist, Todd is a genius in helping companies to match their corporate design with their corporate identity.

Wickus Guelpa of Plumbline Consulting (Stellenbosch)

Helping teams to thrive.

Kimberley Hunt of Espere Coaching (New York)

1:1 coaching for any individual who wants to navigate change.

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